Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Christmas and other pics

Our Christmas tree
Just some decorations

Mickey christmas throw from Disneyland

Our stockings

Sadie's beautiful Christmas dress

Isn't she adorable

Cute Christmas kids

Meeting Santa

Sadie and Daddy
Sadie and Ian in their matching jammies from Aunt Karen

Another cute Christmas dress Grandma and Grandpa J.

Handsome Ian

This cute dress was from Aunt Kellie for Sadie's birthday

Exahusted after a long day


Sadie' First Birthday!!!!

Sadie's first birthday was a fun day. November 5, 2010 was on a Friday. We had the party at my parents house. We had the grandmas, my dad, Aunt Karent and Uncle Dennis and of course Aunt Carolyn. We had stroganoff and let her destroy a cake. Then she opened presents (actually Ian opened most of them). Later that night she danced to Tikki Room lots of other songs.

Ian destroying his Mickey cake

She loved her birthday cake

Sadie loving her new activity table

opening presents

Aunt Karen and Carolyn with Sadie and Grandma

Sadie and Ian

Ian and Sadie with Grandma Greenhalgh

Sadie and her new baby doll

Pretty little princess opening presents

My attempt at her Minnie Mouse cake

Sadie and even Ian got their own little cakes to destroy

More cute kids

Ian loved his Mickey outfit so much he kept wanting to wear it after Halloween.
In his new suit we got for Poppa's funeral

Sadiekin loving Thomas

Ben had the brilliant idea to let Sadie feed herself spaghetti-where there is carpet!

At least he cleaned her up before I got home.

Halloween and Parties 2010

Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Little Minnie tired after a long night Trick-or-Treating

Trick-or-Treating at Poppa and Graums Johnsen

Trick-or-Treating in the rain

Mickey and Minnie with Ben at Grandma Greenhalgh's

Sadie with Grandma and cousin Hadlee

Sadie, Ian with cousisns Jake, Taylor and Kori getting ready to go get candy

Ian at my parents ward halloween party

donout eating contest

Cute little Minnie with Poppa J.

Ian doing the cupcake walk at our ward's halloween party

Minnie and Daddy

Ian at the bean bag toss

Ian, Sadie and Ben

Mickey Mouse (before we got his buttons on)