Saturday, January 31, 2009


I thought I would post some random older pictures of Ian. Climbing step ladders, pulling out pots and pans, climbing in the laundry basket, having fun, and the one in the crib is hilarious, Ian pulled the mobile right off the holder and was swinging it around and having fun with it. What a silly little boy.
Now he loves to climb onto the kitchen chairs and then onto the table. He loves to pull things off the table and with him being so tall, it makes it so easy for him. Ian is so curious about everything and loves to explore and learn new things everyday. He follows commands and when he knows he did something right he claps with us and has a huge grin on his face. He is learning to feed himself and loves it-he gets so happy and is so proud of himself. Such a CUTIE!!


Danielle said...

What a Stinker- he's so cute and big! Hope he's feeling better!

Grammy said...

Mr. Mishchevious! You can see the glint in his eye.

Carolyn Nelson said...

OH, HOW CUTE HE IS. He is always so busy exploring and figuring things out!