Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mr. Trouble

Ian is turning into one of the funniest kids that you have ever met. He is always finding ways to make us laugh and also new things that we have to make sure it is baby proof. We have tried to baby proof everything. He is getting so tall and so heavy. It makes for a good workout lifting him up and chasing him around the house and of course his favorite place outside. He is growing up way to fast. He is such a handsome kid. Maybe that is a little bit bias, but I think as parents we are suppose to think that way. We want to wish all moms out there a Happy Mothers Day!!!!


Grammy said...

He boldly goes where no baby has gone before. Not that I know, anyway.

Carolyn Nelson said...

What a trouper! He is so darn big and grown up! What happened to that tiny little baby you used to have?