Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome Home Sadie

We brought Sadie home Saturday November 7th.
Ian and my parents were waiting at home. My mom was the only other person besides Ben that could be at the hospital, so we had an anxious and excited big brother and grandpa waiting for us.

Ian was thrilled and so happy and excited to see me and Sadie. I hadn't seen him for three days!!!! I missed him so much. (I cried the whole way to the hospital and during labor. It was the longest I'd be apart from him).

Checkin out his new sister
Proud Grandpa holding Sadie for the first time.
Ian giving loves.
Ian, Sadie and Mommy the day Sadie and I came home from the hospital

Sadie with Grandma and Grandpa Greenhalgh
Ian, Mommy and Sadie

Proud big brother


Carolyn Nelson said...

What beautiful pictures! Everyone looks so happy and proud as well they should. Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl and a darling big brother!

Grammy said...

A darling little family!