Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's about time......

Ian, Sadie and Hannah on Christmas Eve.
The Greenhalgh grandkids on Christmas Eve. Decked out in pjs made by Sharon.
Ian and cousin Maelyn as sheperds

Hannah beating up Ian
Grandpa and Grandma with the grankids
So, 2010 has brought us a crazy, hectic and stressful year. In January we ended up in the ER with Ben in the middle of the night. The pharmacy changed his meds to generic and therefore, he didn't have time-released Tegretol. He started jerking and had no control over his arms and head. We got the meds changed back and a then the day after his birthday on March 5th he was up early getting ready for work and had a siezure. I was feeding Sadie. Then a few days later he was at work and the jerking started agian. It was a really scary time. Ben couldn't drive for three months and went through another MRI and EEG and met with a neurologist that was worthless. They can be such jerks.
Anyway, we kept him on the same meds and he seems to be doing fine now. It has been almost three years since his last one. I had a cute little nephew born to my brother and his wife Dani. His name is Cael Christopher Johnsen. He was born April 17, 2010. They are still out in Oklahoma. Chris starts his last year of law school this fall. Anyway, my mom went out there for a week and of course the week she is gone, Sadie had 2 siezures!!!
The first was Monday April 25th. I got called off of work and was luckily home. Sadie was in the exersaucer and I was going to pump. I turned to look at her and she was stiff, straight, eyes closed and salivating. I picked her up and she wouldn't respond. It was so scary. So, I called 911 and the ambulance came and took us (including) Ian up to the ER. It was our first ambulance ride.
The ER ran tests and we found out she had a UTI. We scheduled an EEG for Thursday and a MRI for the next Monday. SHe had the EEG and Friday Ben's mom was with her and she had another one. We took her to the pediatrician and she told us to take her down to Primary Children's ER. SO, we did. They checked more blood and urine. They put us on a fast track to meet with a neurologist the next week. They also started her on phenobarbitol.
The next Monday she had the MRI, which she was sedated for. She did great and slept the whole time. Friday we met with Dr. Filloux at Primary. I loved him. He was so nice and took time to answer my millions of questions. He said it could be 70% chance hereditary and 30% chance that it is involunatry breath holding.
We go back in November (six months) and recheck her phenobarb level and repeat the EEG. Then we will talk about getting her off the meds. He said hopefully she should grow out by the time she is two. We hope it was just that one time thing, but you never know, especially with Ben's history. They said he would grow out of his too, but obviously that hasn't happened and probably won't.
A week or so later Sadie was acting really lathargic and tired and had a fever. We took her to the Dr. and they did chest xrays, throat swabbed, urine, blood, everything. They couldn't find a reason for the fever. They said alternate motrin and tylenol and follow up with her pediatrician the next day. We did and they said it was probably a virus, but when you get a fever in babies its a big deal and they had to do everything to try and find out what it was.

It was so sad and hard to have to see my baby girl go through all of those tests. She has been doing better though. To top it all off, my father-in-law hasn't been feeling well for a few months. He ended up getting and EGD and they didn't find anything. The dr. ordered a CT because he has been having shoulder-back pain on the right side. The CT showed a mass on his Pancrease and it has spread to his liver. He started Chemo last Tuesday.
And, I'm going back to school and trying to get that finished. I finally passed chemistry, but math was a no go. So, instead of starting the nursing program this August like planned, it will be next year. It sucks, but I'm fine with it cause I need to take it slow and try and reduce some stress. All this started with Sadie the week before finals. Anyway, now I'll just post a bunch of pics!!
Ian and Hannah the day Sadie was blessed.
Sharing a snack
Hannah, Sadie and Ian just resting...
Ian and Sadie. Cute little things.


Nanette said...

I'm sorry you guys have such a stressful couple of months. Hopefully the next few will be better.

I love it when we get to hang out. We should definitely do something again soon. If there is anything I can do to help you guys out, please let me know.

Carolyn Nelson said...

Boy has it been a stressful time for you all. I hope things soon settle down. You have darling, adorable kids and I love them to pieces.