Monday, October 13, 2008

The Big Celebration!!

Saturday was a long day filled with presents, good food, cake and ice cream. My family (excluding Chris, Dannie and Hannah- they are all playing in Oklahoma) all gathered together to celebrate Ians first birthday. After a late Friday night of making chili and winnie the pooh birthday cakes, Saturday morning came very early. We finished some last minute balloon shopping, cooking and present wrapping. Ian had a nap and in the snow and rain we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Johnsens house. We decided to have the party over there because our house is itty bitty. Streamers, tablecloths, banners, and balloons all bearing winnie the pooh decor were spread throughout the house. Grandma, Grandpa, Great Aunt Carolyn, Great Aunt Karen, Great Uncle Dennis, and cousin Eric and, of course, mommy and daddy. We started out with Ian opening a couple gifts. He got mostly clothes from mommy and daddy. Ian needed some warm clothes and bigger sizes. He also got a push/ride along car, rocking puppy, several books, a stick horse, Thomas the Tank Engine movie and train, a train with a track, shoes, a birthday bear, and many other cute and fun things. Ian was so excited to open up presents in the weeks prior to his birthday that when the big day came, he wasn't to excited to sit and open. After a while of opening and getting distracted we took a break for chilli. I made a mild-medium batch, Ben made a medium-hot and hot-burning batch. We had bread bowls, taco dip, vegetables and dip. Ian had the mild kind with bread and cheese and loved it!! After lunch we headed back to opening presents and Ian loved playing with his balloons. Soon it came time for cake. We put a winnie the pooh candle in and sang "Happy Birthday" to our sweet Ian. He wasn't sure what to do with everyone looking at him. After all the times of not wanting him to make a mess he was finally able to and was surprised we wanted to him to dig in. After a little coaxing he finally dug in and soon had cake everywhere!!!!!!!! His head, face, arms, legs, tummy, highchair, floor and even down is diaper!!! He gave mommy, daddy, and Aunt Carolyn a taste of his yummy cake. He looked adorable!!! After a quick bath he got all cleaned up and lotioned up. A new diaper and sporting his new ducky pj's he looked and smelled so good. A tired little beanie, he was ready for bed. After saying by to family he helped tear down the crate paper streamers and proceeded to run around the house with an arm full of decorations. After we had everything cleaned up Ian was falling asleep in Grandpa's arms. We got Ian in the care and before we could get in the little darling was fast asleep. He was such a good boy all day long. We all had a fun day. We all were ready to crash at the end of the day. It was worth it and even if Ian doesn't remember it was fun for us and we have tons of pictures and videos of the fun day for him to look at down the road. Sorry this was so long, again! Thanks family for all the gifts and for the fun time. We love you all.

PS. Ben's parents were out of town for Ian's first birthday so were are having another birthday celebration this Saturday with Ben's family.


Carolyn Nelson said...

It was a very fun day!!! What adorable pictures. They tell the whole story of Ian's first birthday. We look forward to sharing many more fun birthdays with our beloved Ian!


Aunt Carolyn

Chris said...

Sounds like a fun day, what a big- little cutie! Wish we could have been there!
It's hard though because all we do is play down here in Oklahoma. :) Oh and one word, Paragraphs!

Love ya'all,

Two reds and a brownie