Sunday, October 12, 2008

Our Birthday Boy!!!!

Yesterday we celebreated Ian's first birthday. He was born October 11, 2007 at 02:40 am. I worked the day I went into labor. About two hours after I got home I was getting ready to take a nap before we packed (we were moving that week) and I layed down on the bed and I felt a gush. I called my mom and asked her what it felt like when your water breaks. I then called the Dr. and took a shower. I called Ben at work. He told me he would always have his phone and leave it on and answer it right away. So, of course, he doesn't answer. I called him a few minutes later and he didn't answer yet again! Then he called me while he was with a customer. I just told him to call me when he was done and I told him that I was fine. Soon he called me back and I told him that my water broke. He said he was on his way home. I was feeling great!! I was getting a little nervous knowing that in a matter of hours a would have a brand new baby to take care of. It was easy to take care of him while he was in my tummy! I was also very excited. I finished packing my hospital bag and his diaper bag that Aunt Dannie gave us. Ben got home and showered and then my parents showed up with a pizza to bake and we were going to pack the house. That didn't last. Mom started braiding my hair and the contractions started getting stronger and closer together. Ben had the stop watch and they were about two minutes apart. So Ben's mom stopped by and said they would be at the hospital later. The pain started to get worse and worse, so we decided it was time to go. We got the bags and jumped in the car and headed off. We got to the hospital and checked in. As I was checking in my friend Denice called and asked me if I was in labor. Apparently one of our other friends called Denice and said that she saw Ben and I driving towards the hospital and the look on my face looked like I was in labor. Denice was very suprised because I had been at work with her that very day. Well the triage part of Labor and Delivery progressed and the nurse determined that I was in labor. My doctor was called and I was put in a room. The anesthesiologist was summoned and put the wonderful epidural in my back. Ben watched the whole thing and didn't even get quesy!! It was about 8:30 pm and the parents and in-laws were there and Aunt Carolyn was on her way. About 12 midnight the nurse checked me and said that I was ready to go. We did some trial pushes for about 1/2 hour and my doctor was called. She arrived around 01:00 am we pushed and pushed and the doctor kept saying "look at all the dark hair." I thought, the heartburn is paying off!!! After a while of pushing the nurse tried calling another doctor to come in and do a c-section because little Ian's head was turned the wrong way and he was stuck. My doctor (Machel Knowles) then decided to try the vacume. That worked. At 02:40 am his head popped and I pushed and out he came. He was a beautiful baby boy with all 10 fingers and all 10 toes. He had a full head of tons of dark hair. He was a little angel boy. 7 lbs 7 oz and 20 1/4 inches. Machel layed him on my chest while Ben cut the cord. The nurse then took him to do all those vital first checks and Machel took care of me. Then I got our darling boy back and our family came in.( we kicked them out for the delivery!) I was so happy I didn't have to have a c-section. They all passed him around and took turns admiring him. Soon we noticed that he was having a hard time breathing and his lungs sounded wet. The nurse suctioned him out and then decided to take him to the nursery. Ben and Dad went with Ian and Mom came with me to my room on post partem. Bens' parents and Aunt C. had gone home. Throughout the next couple of hours we kept waiting to hear about Ians condition and when Ben could do his first bath. Soon the nurse called and said he may have a heart murmur and they were doing tests on him. Cardiac ultrasounds and chest xrays were taken. Around 08:00 am his pediatrician (Mindy Bohem) came in. She assured us that Ian didn't have a heart murmur but he did have an infection in his lungs, pneumonia, and fluid still in there. She said he wasn't healthy enough to be in the well baby nursery. He was admitted to the NICU-Newborn Intensive Care Unit. It was so hard to have him in there. We weren't sure what was going on and we were so exhausted and I was so very sore!!! We finally were able to go see him at 10:30 with Bens' parents and brother Jon. (Mine went home after taking with the Dr.). He was adorable. He was in a little isolette with just a diaper on and heart monitors, oxygen sat monitor, and and IV in his little head! It was sad to see and I of course cried. It was amazing seeing all that dark hair-it was dry now and had been washed. He was so beautiful. I was able to hold and love him, but not nurse him. That day brought visitors from Chris, Dannie and brand new week old Hannah, Carolyn, grandparents, Tiff, Jon, Christ and Nanette and Ethan. Finally that night at 11 I was able to give it a try. Ian did great. He turned right to me and latched right on. He knew exactly what to do. The next day more test were done and antibiotics (gentamycin) were adminstered once again. We had visits from Denice, Heidi and Rachel, Mike, Kellie and kids, and Dave. Saturday brought more of the same. Thanks to all the phone calls and visits, flowers, balloons, snacks and meals (moms!). We were told it might be 5-7 days of NICU life. I was able to board (stay in me room even after discharge) at the hospital so I could stay close to Ian. Ben and our parents and some siblings helped move us out of our house. Sunday we went to the NICU to see Ian and his dr. was there. It was a complete surprise when she told us that he could go home!!!!!!!!!! We we so thrilled and I have to admit terriffied!!! I was worried about taking him home after being in the NICU. So my parents ditched out on Sacrament and came to the hospital. We received all the discharge information and signed papers and at 2:30 that afternoon on the 14th we took our baby boy home. He was so tiny! Now he is huge!! He did great in the car! That night home health come and brought bili blanket to keep on him as much as possible. The following week brought visits to the dr. every day for NICU follow up, bilirubin checks, a circumcision (mommy was in the parking lot crying!-daddy was in the room with baby), and weight checks. He kept improving every day and things looked great. He was a very healthy boy and things looked great. We were so blessed to have Ian sent to us. He is a great little man and we love him so very much. Sorry this is so long, but since I haven't done anything yet, here is a novel to start out with!!!

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Carolyn Nelson said...

What a wonderful story of his birth. He is a beautiful little boy and it is hard to believe he is now a 1-year-old who has grown and developed so quickly. You 2 are doing a great job with him.


Aunt Carolyn