Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Morning

These first few pictures are of Ian last year on Easter. They were so cute, I just had to share. He was about 6 months old.

Easter morning we woke up and at first Ian was a little upset because he wanted to take his diaper outside. He loves to be outside. So I took him out and he wanted to stay out!!! After we got him calmed down we went to the living room and Ian found a huge basket and his favorite thing, a rake, shovel and hoe!!! He was so excited and walked around the house with all of them. He especially loved pulling all the grass out of the baskets. He found some more eggs hidden in the house from the Easter bunny.

After church we went over to Grandma Greenhalgh's house and the whole family was there for dinner and another egg hunt. It was a great day.

Here are some cute pics of Ian and the Greenhalgh cousisns at Grandma Greenhalgh's Easter egg hunt. The total number of grandkids on this side is now 21, with two more on the way! :)

We are so blessed to be members of the true church and to have the knowledge that Christ lives and that we to may have those blessings.


Grammy said...

What does Ian's shirt say? Am I correct in what I think it means?

Carolyn Nelson said...

What a way to make an announcement!!!! The pics of Ian are so cute. They all look like they are having fun!

Gwen said...

Hey! It sounds as if there is going to be an addition to your family.
Congratulations. The pictures of Ian are darling. What a character he is.