Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Yard Work

These were so pictures after working in the yard Saturday. Ian was so tired, but was being so cute and funny. He kept posing and smiling for the camera. The picture of Ian in the tub is him with all of his trains, and his hoe. He has so much fun with them.

Saturday was a beautiful day outside and our yard was overdue for some attention, and Ian wanted to be outside!!! So, we took his little lawn mower out and he helped me mow the lawn. He was so darn cute!!! He stayed right along with me and had so much fun! After he helped Ben to pull the weeds and clean out the flower beds. He had his rake, shovel, and hoe and loved to dig in the dirt and play with the big worms. (Mommy didn't like that part very much-yuck!!!)

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Carolyn Nelson said...

How darling! Let's hope he still enjoys it when he is old enough to do the real thing! He is definitely a cutie!