Friday, August 21, 2009

Ian's Big Boy Bed!!!

Ben built Ian a new bed. We found the design from Pottery Barn and instead of paying over $1000 for it, we opted to buy wood, stain, and bolts less than $150 and have Ben and Stan build a bed. Ben has always loved woodworking and has wanted to do this since Ian was in my belly.

Ian loved the headboard and footboard sooooo much!! We would take him and show him the bed while Ben was working on it. He would look at the picture and then point to his bed. It was so cute! So, when Ben put it in his room, Ian loved to go in and pat the wood and lay down on the ground inbetween the boards.

Grandma and Grandpa Johnsen gave Ian an early birthday present, Thomas bedding. If Ian was happy enough before the bedding, he was overjoyed at seeing Thomas and being able to sleep with him every night! The first time he saw the bedspread he got a huge grin and crawled all over it, pointing and just delighted.

He loves to spend time in his room now. He will touch the wood, climb on the bed, lay down, play on the bed with his trucks, and just hang out with his new bed. Ian gave his Daddy hugs and kisses and expressed how happy he was with his new bed.

And if your wondering, he has done great sleeping in it!! The first night I was kind of worried, but he stayed there and slept all night long!!! In the morning he came out with a big smile on his face.

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Carolyn Nelson said...

How darling! He really loves that bed!