Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Meeting Elder Holland

So, the plan was that in January 2010 Ben's parents were going to go on their mission for either a year or 18 months. We were going to move our little family into their house while they were gone. We had it all planned out. Move in December, get the low down of running the house, get the kids rooms set up, all our stuff set up, and start a routine over there. Well, about a month ago Ben's dad called during church and told him to call back. So Ben calls his dad and finds out that his stake was split and Stan got a new calling. Any guesses? Stake Patriarch!!!! Can I tell you how in shock we were!! Especially Ben's parents. Needless to say, they can't go on their mission, we can't move into their house and we are going to be stuck in our little house with two kids sharing an itty bitty room. There must be a reason, so we are fine with it. Its just funny how things work out.
So, Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to Farr West to ask Stan and Sharon (he actually did more talking with Sharon, held her hand and kissed her cheek) to accept the calling. It was announced in stake conference the next day. A week later, we were invited down to the church administraion building in Salt Lake for the ordaining. It was so neat, all of Stan's kids were here. Jason was home from Iowa for a few weeks. Stan's dad and Sharon's mom were also able to come.We got to go to Elder Hollands office and visit with him and feel of the Spirit of the Lord. It was very neat to watch him interact with Stan, calling him friend and as if they had been friends their entire lives. It was a beautiful blessing. Elder Holland let us ask questions and take pictures. It was truly a neat experience and once of a lifetime.


Danielle said...

What an awesome experience!!! That would be so neat to meet an apostle in such a setting. It's sad that you don't get a huge house for awhile but meeting Elder Holland is definitely better!

Raney_Rain said...

What an amazing experience! I have so many stories to tell you of when I was in institute choir and we sang for Pres Eyering and Pres Faust! Bummer about the house! What an awesome chance to meet Elder Holland! A girl in my ysa ward was just babptized and she was confirmed by E. Holland! He's married to her mom's cousin! And he came and spoke at her baptism!