Monday, November 2, 2009

Cupcake Love!

If there are any sweets, especially cupcakes, Ian's little nose sniffs them out, and he helps himself. Ben's mom made some cupcakes and they were on the counter in a cake pan, with foil over them. Ben and I were in the other room and it was very quiet. That is never a good sign. We investigated and found Ian sitting at the kitchen table helping himself to all three cupcakes. It was so funny.!! Unfortunatley for Ian (and us), we found out that he is allergic to eggs, cashews, and coconut. He loves eggs and they are in everything. Luckily we found an egg susbsitute called ENER-G. It works great and we used it for Ian's birthday cake and even cheesecake and you can't even tell the difference. Hopefully he will grow out of the allergy. That also means we can't give him the flu vaccines. So, it will be a long winter, hybernating inside with Ian and baby Sadie, (whom should be coming any day now!).

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