Monday, November 2, 2009

Ian's Second Birthday!!!

Ian in his brand new birthday jammies
The big hit of the party, the ride on Thomas!!

Opening Thomas

Ian playing his Thomas guitar. He head bangs while playing. It is soo cute

Ian wearing his hard hat from Uncle Jon and Aunt Kami and tool belt from Grandma and Grandpa Greenhalgh.

My attempt at Thomas the Tank Engine cake

Grandparents came over for Chilli

Daddy, Ian and Mommy with baby sister in her belly (huge, I know)
Ian testing the homemade frosting for his cake

Taking a nap after church
Ian's second birthday was a lot of fun. It actually started the day before his birthday. My mom and aunt gave me a baby shower for Sadie. Ian got presents from his aunts. He thought it was great that he got presents too. After a long day some of our friends came over to our house to hang out and give us a baby gift. We finally went to bed and the next day Ian woke up excited. He loved it when we sang Happy Birthday to him.
After breakfast we got ready and went to church. Part way through nursery we took Ian home to have a nap before the celebration started. I worked on making his Thomas cake and Ben made the chilli. After Ians nap, his cousins Taylor and Kori came over with a gift.
Soon all the grandparents came over and we had dinner. After dinner Ian got to open all his presents. He had a ton and was so excited!!! He loved it and wanted to stop and play with each thing after opening it. After opening his gifts, we sang to him and he got to blow out his candle. We had mint ice cream and cake. Ian loved it. He played with all his new toys for a long time, and then took a fun bath. After his bath we read stories and rocked for a bit. Then I went and laid with him. He fell asleep quickly after a fun, exciting and busy birthday!
I am so greatful for my wonderful son. I can't believe he is already two. He is so adorable and does the funniest, and sometimes strangest things. He always makes me laugh. We ask him how old he is and says "two" in the cutest way and holds up one finger from each hand. He is so funny! Thanks to everybody that helped us celebrate Ian's birthday and for the thoughtful gifts.

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Carolyn Nelson said...

What a fun birthday he had! I can't believe he is the big 2! I thought the cake was adorable. He is so cute and full of life!