Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Father's Day, Ranger Rides, and Bowling

Father's Day 2010. Ian went over and climbed up on Stan's lap and cuddeled up. I love this picture.
Dad, Ian, Ben and Sadie on Father's Day

Ian and Sadie ready for church.
The Amish peanut butter pie I made for Father's Day
Ian and Stan's favorite activity-Ranger Ride to see the horses.

RANGER RIDE!!!! Ian would go downstairs, get Stan and say, "Poppa, ranger ride." Then he would take Stan upstairs to where the key was and then out to the ranger, and he would climb up in his seat.

Sadie watcing us bow.



Ian (he had his own lane)

Me and the kids

Stan, Sadie and Great Grandma Lucy

Sharon made aprons for all the boys on Father's Day
Ian and Sadie at my grandparents grave on Memorial Day

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