Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Manis, Pedis, and 1st Haircuts

A few days before Stan passed away we decided to get Sharon out of the house for a little bit. She was such a good, loving, and compassionate caregiver to Stan during this trial-especially those last two weeks. We thought it would be fun to go get pampered. We went for pedicures, and I told the girls how much I use to love getting my nails done. I can't now because it's a hosptial policy-and I have no money. Anyway we decided to get manicures done too-and they loved it!
Kellie and Grandma

Tiffany, Sharon, Me, Kellie, Grandma

Sadie was starting to look like a little sheep dog. She had hair all over the place. So, I took her to my friend Melanie and she cut her bangs and tried to get some order. She did pretty good. Now we can see her eyes!

She's getting so big!

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