Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Pics (from months ago).....

My kids are climbers!!
Sadie in another cute dress for church

They love boxes too.
Beanie eating and ice cream cone and wearing his favorite hat from Disneyland
They both LOVE bath time. They hear the water and come running
getting ready for church-isn't she adorable

dirtykins-I think it was chocolate yogurt

Climbing up the bouncy wall

Ian coming down the BIG slide-he loved this

Ian is behind the girl on the middle car. He was a little scared to go without us and this girl came up and held his had. She sat by him and the held his hand after they got off and were walking down the stairs. It was soooo cute!

Peach days came not to long after we got back from Disneyland and we decided it would be fun to take the kids

Ian loved all the rides

Especially trains

and all the slides

Ian playing with Mr. Potato head, and real potatos


Beanie getting ready to become an offical Aggie!!

Sadie loves taking a bath!! So, when I'm in the shower she thinks that she should be in there too. The result-a wet, cold MAD Sadiekins.

We had a little Greenhalgh family picinic last fall before Stan got too sick and while Jason and Michele were here visiting from Iowa. Top pic is Sadie with Great Grandma Lucy.

Ian and cousin Kori.

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