Saturday, November 15, 2008

Farewell Uncle Bill

Last Sunday a wonderful thing happened to our sweet, funny and beloved, Uncle Bill. After much pain and suffering, Uncle Bill passed away peacefully and was rejoined with his sweet wife, Aunt Verlene.

Today was Uncle Bill's funeral. It was a very nice service and was a great tribute to him and his life. Many people came to pay their respects. Uncle Bill was the fire chief of Sandy City for 32 years. Uncle Bill's body was taken to the cemetery on a fire truck. It was so neat to see the Sandy City Fire Department dressed in their best uniforms and with the leaders carrying shiny axes. The fire truck was draped with a black sash in the front and back of the engine.

At the cemetery, Bill Jr. gave the dedicatory prayer and the military honor guard did the flag ceremony (a flag was draped on the casket) and gave it to Uncle Bill's only daughter, Debbie. After that the military gave the gun salute and Uncle Bill's grandson, Tommy, played "Taps." The fire department gave one last call over their walkie talkies saying, "Last call for William Earl "Bill" Clough, retired Fire Chief of Sandy City." It was very moving and neat to see the fire department and military honors for this great man.

Uncle Bill was a great man and loved by many. He will be greatly missed, but we all know he is with his sweetheart again and that gives us great joy. He always was making me laugh and was so fun to be around. He even got me a job at Aspen Ridge, the first time he was there. He told me I could live with him and Aunt Verlene. Uncle Bill always looked out for everybody and wanted us all to be happy.

I love you Uncle Bill and look forward to when we will meet again.


Carolyn Nelson said...

Andrea, what a nice tribute to Uncle Bill! You said everything I would like to have said. Great job for a great man and one who was so important in all of our lives. I am proud of you!

Gwen said...

Andrea, This is a beautiful tribute to Uncle Bill. You are so sweet and he would be so proud of you. I love you and your family.

Aunt Trudie said...

Andrea, you are so special. What a beautiful tribute to Bill. I know how much he loved you and your family. Thanks for allowing me to be part of the family. (Sorry about the Aunt Trudie, I am signed in that way with my nieces and nephews and don't know how to change it)