Monday, November 10, 2008

The Land of Cotton

Watching Thomas Getting Custard Rest stop!!!

Ian and I at the temple

Ian stretching his legs in Beaver

Playing in Fillmore

cotton plants
A couple weeks ago Ben, Ian and I went to St. George for Ben's work. We decided to make a little family vacation out of it. We went down on a Thursday and came back the following Monday. Thursday we left early and spent some time in Orem at Harmons where Ben had to do a demo for work. Ian and I walked around for a couple hours, then went driving. Ian slept the whole way to Orem and then a little while when we were waiting for Ben. Finally that night (after a couple stops for Beanie -and him screaming the last 8 miles) at 7pm we rolled in to St. George. We checked into the hotel and went to dinner at Famous Daves.

The next morning after a long sleepless night (thanks to a 2 foot little boy), Ben headed out to the Dixie Harmons while Ian and I watched Thomas, played with toys and took a nap. Later that night we went to dinner and just hung out. The next day we went shopping at the outlet malls and went to Nielsens Frozen Custard. (Ben went to that place on his mission and loved it!)

Sunday we went swimming. Ian wasn't to sure of the little floater we brought. He liked to be held and stand on the steps. We then went to the St. George Temple and Visitors Center. We also decided to go see Brigham Young's winter home. Ian screamed and cried the entire time. He wanted to run around the house and go up and down the steep stairs. He fell and hit is head on the door frame and got a huge bump on his little forhead. We got in the car and he fell asleep right away.

Ian loved the hotel. It had a seperate bedroom and a kitchen. He pushed his toys all over the place. He loved watching Thomas and Friends and getting under the sink and shutting the doors and hidding. While he hides he starts to laugh while we "look for him." It is so funny. He is the cuttest little boy around!!! Most of the time he slept in between mommy and daddy. He was more comfortable there then in the porta crib.
All in all we had a great time. There were a few bumps and bruises, but, it was great to get away as a family and spend some time away from work and to have some fun.

morning walk to get breakfast

Ian playin hide 'n seek

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Carolyn Nelson said...

It looks like you all had fun! The Filmore scenes remind me when Andrea was little and had fun playing at Filmore!