Monday, November 10, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

Ian's first Halloween 2007

Last year was Ian's first Halloween. He wore a little onesie with winnie the pooh on it. He slept most of the time. This year he picked out his costume. He was Tigger. We held up winnie the pooh, tigger and a monkey and he grabbed tigger. We put the costume on and he loved it. He walked all over Babies R Us. It was adorable. This year we went to Grandma Greenhalgh's house and went trick or treating with grandma, Uncle Jon, and cousins Taylor and Kori. We went all around the neighborhood and got tons of candy. Then we went to my parents house and went to a few houses with Grandpa Johnsen while grandma stayed home to pass out candy. It was actually fairly descent weather and the rain held off unitl we were almost done. It was a fun night and fun to celebrate Ian's "first", second Halloween.

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Carolyn Nelson said...

He makes an adorable Tigger!