Friday, December 26, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus!!!

Christmas Eve morning Ben made breakfast for Ian and I and we spent the morning getting presents wrapped and doing our finishing touches on things. Around 1 we went to Ben's parents house for the family party. It was a Mexican theme. After lunch we had a program with the kids singing and dancing and the reading of the Christmas story from Luke, complete with a live nativity, courtesy of the grandkids, and singing Christmas hymns. After the program we exchanged presents and then starting with Ian, all the kids got a chance to hit the pinata. Then we had hot

fudge sundaes. It was a fun time. Sharon also made matching PJ's for all the grandkids!! Cute as can be!!

That night we went over to my parents house and had our traditional Danish Dumplings and soup. It is meat with potatoes, carrots, celery, beef broth, and yummy dumplings. We have always had this meal on Christmas eve. It's basically the only time we have it during the whole year, so I always look forward to it. After dinner we watched Christmas movies and tried to get Ian to go to sleep. He of course was wired and looking forward to seeing Santa!! We took him for a drive and he finally fell asleep. We took him back to my parents and he fell asleep and slept until morning. He did great!!

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Carolyn Nelson said...

What a wonderful tradition! The kids will always remember it! What a great job Grandma Sharon did on all those pajamas. They're darling!