Friday, December 26, 2008

A Wonderful Christmas Day!!!

Christmas morning was wonderful. We got up and Ian was very excited because infront of the tree was a big christams train going in circles. He was a little scared but had a huge smile on his face. Other highlight presents were his own beanie sized Dirt Devil broom, a lawn mower that blows bubbles, Thomas the Tank engine shoes, a rocking chair that he loves to climb and stand on, an activity table a snow globe and James from Thomas. He wasn't very interested in unwrapping, but once the presents were opened he loved them!!! It was a great time. After presents we had a fabulous breakfast made by dad. I squeezed a ton of oranges for
juice. After breakfast Chris and Dannie called and Ian fell asleep and we all took a little nap. Then it was time to play in the snow.

Christmas Eve and Christmas day brought tons of snow!!! We couldn't resist buying Ian a tube and snow suit. We used the tube more than Ian did. The couple times we took him down the hill he cried a little, not sure of what we were doing. When we went down the hill by ourselves, Ian thought it was hillarious, espescially when I kept falling down trying to go up the hill. It was so much fun. I haven't been sledding for years!! We haven't had enough snow to be able to for a very long time. It was a great activity on Christmas day.

Ben and I sledding down the hill

Ian and I going down the hill on Christmas

That night we opened stockings and had peppermint marshmello pie. It is so yummy. My grandma used to make it when my dad was growing up and he has made it since I was little. Late that night we packed everything up and headed home. The wind picked up and snow was whipping around everywhere. It was crazy. Luckily we bought the Escape in the summer, otherwise we wouldn't have been able to make it up our driveway when we got home. It was so deep!! It was crazy. It was a wonderful Christmas and great to be with our families and to be warm and safe.

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Carolyn Nelson said...

What a wonderful day! Ian looks so grown up and having a wonderful time at his "real" first Christmas!